Google Stadia's store will support game demos, pre-orders, early access, and more

Google launched a web store for Stadia last week making it easier to purchase games for the streaming gaming service. A bit of prodding and peeking into the web store has now hinted at some of the upcoming features which Google plans to add to Stadia.

Right now, the Stadia store only shows a handful of lists for various games. Given the platform has less than 30 games, this makes sense. However, as the number of games for the platform grows, so will the need for lists. By playing around with the URL of the existing lists, it has been discovered that the Stadia store will have lists for games based on popularity, deals, genre, publishers, and more.

Some of the lists also hint at the upcoming features for the Stadia store like the ability to gift games, pre-order upcoming games, early access, support for game demos, and wish lists. None of these features have been confirmed by Google yet but they are pretty common to have in a gaming platform.

Another list titled 'Popular on YouTube' points to YouTube integration coming to Google Stadia. There's also a Cross-Platform list that hints at cross-platform games making their way to this cloud gaming platform.

All the lists are empty right now but they should start populating once more games are added to Stadia's library.

Below are all the lists that have been discovered so far:

Most Played
Top Selling
Editors Choice
Coming Soon
Recently Updated
New Add-Ons
Early Access
Great on Mobile
On Sale
Great Offers
Game of the Year Winners
Beautiful Games
Popular on YouTube
Most Wanted
Most Gifted
Top Rated
New Releases
Best 4K Games
Best Cross-Platform
Best HDR Games
Best Multiplayer Games
Best of Stadia
Best with Stadia Pro
Big Deals
Discover More Games
Featured Deals
Leaving Stadia Pro Soon
More to Discover
New & Trending
New This Month
New This Week
New to Stadia
Publisher Spotlight
Stadia Exclusives
Stadia Favourites
Stadia Pro Deals

Source: Stadia Source

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