Grand Theft Auto V hits $1 billion in sales faster than any entertainment release

On Wednesday, Rockstar Games' parent company Take 2 Interactive said that Grand Theft Auto V generated over $800 million in revenue in just its first 24 hours of release. We speculated at the time that Rockstar was swimming in money. Now there's word of yet another sales milestone and it appears Rockstar is drowning in cash.

Take 2's press release now says that in its first three days of release, the Xbox 360-PS3 open world crime action game has exceeded the $1 billion revenue mark, based on its own internal estimates. Take 2 says this is the fastest for any entertainment property to reach that amount. The previous record holder was another game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which reached the $1 billion sales mark in a relatively slow 15 days in November of 2012.

Take 2 has still not offered any specifics on unit sales numbers for GTA V. It's hard to tell exactly how many copies of the game have been sold since Rockstar offered up three versions; the standard $59.99 game, the Special Edition at $79.99 and the Collector's Edition at $149.99. Still, reaching the $1 billion mark in three days is still extremely impressive and shows that this game franchise is in no danger of collapsing anytime soon.

Source: Take 2 | Image via Rockstar Games

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