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Hands-On: Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia has a wide array of phones from the newly announced Lumia 930 that is designed for the premium market to the 630 that was announced today that will be targeted towards those who buy their phones sans contract.

The 630 is unapologetically plastic but feels confident in your hands and will come in many bright colors. The plastic doesn't feel chintzy and if you have used any other low end Lumia, you will know what I mean.

The screen was responsive and the OS ran without any hesitation when moving around the OS. Swipes, taps and all other interactions were recognized quickly and accurately and there was minimal shutter lag when taking a photo.

The low end range for Nokia has done well in the market with the Lumia 520/521 and taking a large percentage of the usage share for the platform. Knowing that, it makes sense that Nokia will continue to push the low-end devices as they have been able to move a lot of units in this category with the 630 and 635.

Nokia is holding another press conference later today where they may announce more new products for the US market and seeing that the Lumia 930 is not coming to the US and AT&T is currently without a flagship device from Nokia.

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