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Hands-on with Huawei's MateBook D, E and X, as the company expands its Windows 10 range

Huawei picked an unfortunate day to unveil its new Windows 10 devices - the same day on which Microsoft was revealing its new Surface Pro tablet, along with various other announcements related to its Surface range. But while Huawei's event in Berlin today may have been slightly drowned out by Microsoft's Shanghai shindig, the Chinese firm still had some interesting new products to reveal.

Huawei launched its first Windows 10 tablet, the MateBook, a year ago - and it earned itself an impressive score in our review. The company is now expanding on its commitment to the platform with three new devices: the large, but affordable, MateBook D notebook; the compact, but powerful, MateBook X laptop; and the spiritual successor to its first-gen device, in the form of the new MateBook E tablet.

We had a bit of hands-on time with the new MateBook range at the launch event earlier, forming a few early impressions of the new devices (albeit with some slight focus issues after the camera was carelessly knocked earlier in the day...).

Hopefully, you'll still be able to get the gist of some of the strengths and weaknesses of each device - but don't forget that these are just initial thoughts on the new MateBooks, and first impressions aren't always accurate. We look forward to giving these devices a proper test with more thorough reviews in the near future, so that we can get a much clearer sense of how good they really are.

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