Here's how Apple is going to sell the Apple Watch

Apple is ramping up its marketing efforts in time for the Apple Watch's release, featuring it in various lifestyle and fashion magazines and getting the mainstream public interested. Behind the scenes, Apple is also changing the way in which its stores work in order to sell the Watch.

9to5Mac has obtained a new set of instructions that Apple is giving to retail employees that will help them build a relationship with a customer before selling them the Watch. Previously, Apple has only ever sold devices that come in a maximum of three colors - silver, gold and black - but the Watch has hundreds of different variations coming from three distinct models and a multitude of bands.

Just as a sales clerk in a clothing shop would make comments on what suits you, so will Apple employees who have been instructed to compliment potential customers in order to build a relationship that is very different to the current dynamic within the stores. A phone that comes in three colors can never really suit your style while choosing between a pink or a white band can.

Slides that are given to employees to answer. (Credit: 9to5Mac)

The sales approach is very customer specific, with existing jewelry being used as a basis for which type of Watch would suit best and using examples of previous customers and how they chose their Watch.

Apple even predicts the types of comments that customers will make, transcribed by 9to5Mac:

Looks good—”I love how it will coordinate with many of my outfits.”
Functionality—”I love that I just have to raise my wrist to have the display turn on.”
Good financial investment—”I think I can afford that.”
Durability—”I’m sure I’ll have this for years.”
Ease of use—”That’s so easy.”
Versatility—”Wow, there’s so many options for straps."

Apple also focuses on the hardware the customer has as no one wants to purchase a Watch they can't use due to the age of their iPhone. Apple is also looking to use the Watch to drive sales of iPhones and encourage users to upgrade from older hardware. A trade-in program has also been launched for Android devices, easing the process to an iPhone and increasing the potential customer base for the Watch.

Apple's new sales strategy is far removed from the current "walk in and buy" model, with staff expected to actively sell the device based on personal preference and style. Customers will be able to visit stores to try on the Watches starting on April 10th before being able to make a purchase on April 24th. Apple Watches come in three types: Sport (starting at $349), Collection (starting at $549) and Edition (starting at $10,000).

Source: 9to5Mac | Images via Apple

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