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HP reveals its new Chromebox, set for spring

In recent weeks, the Chromebox has become one of the most talked about upcoming gadgets for the year. Featuring the ability to connect to Google Drive, the Play Store and other online browsing services, big-name manufacturers have started producing these small-form-factor machines. The devices are rumoured to become a vital role in the way we access the internet, due to their small size and high functionality.

After Asus and Samsung revealed their models, it's HP's turn to take the spotlight showing off their HP Chromebox set to hit our stores in the early spring.

In terms of hardware, the HP features a weighty Intel Core i7 processor that they claim will be "more than enough to tackle some of the video conferencing features Google has outlined", as well as 4 USB ports for extra storage and peripherals. HDMI and Displayport outputs are available, allowing for HD as well as dual-screen viewing. However the HP will cost more from the outset, due to the higher technical specifications mentioned compared to the Asus Chromebox ($179).

The exterior looks stylish, and could easily blend into any modern household, available in varying colours from slate black to classy cyan. Due to the small size, it appears as if you could rest the device on a TV stand, substituting a smart TV by taking advantage of one of the many online video streaming services available.

HP is also targeting the home office because of the powerful processor. It will be interesting to see how that idea plays out; currently, the ChromeOS has nothing on the other major operating systems in terms of overall functionality (including Windows, OS X and popular Linux distros), so it's not clear how beneficial a stronger processor will be.

Source: HP Website |  Image via HP

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