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HTC will replace your One M9 free if you crack the screen or drop it in the toilet

Your phone slips out of your hands, and time seems to almost slow down, as you helplessly watch it tumble to the ground. All you can do is hope for the best - but the impact of a naked smartphone colliding with ceramic tiles or a concrete sidewalk rarely ends well.

Many of us know this scenario only too well - but while accidents will always happen, HTC wants to make it easier to deal with the consequences of such unfortunate events. Today, the firm announced its new 'UH OH Protection' program, which it says is designed to protect its new One M9 flagship against "life's uh-oh moments".

As the firm explains, "UH OH Protection provides consumers who damage their new HTC One M9 with an untimely fall onto the pavement or into a toilet with a free phone replacement within 12 months of purchase."

Indeed, HTC promises one completely free replacement in your first year of ownership for any incident that results in your One M9 getting a cracked screen or water damage. If you make it through your first year without needing a replacement, HTC will give you $100 towards the purchase of a future HTC One handset.

"While other smartphone companies look at uh-oh moments as a way to profit off of you," said Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC Americas, "we are focused on adding value to owning an HTC One."

In fact, UH OH is effectively an extension of the existing HTC Advantage program, which launched last February, offering free cracked display repair in the first six months of owning a HTC One handset.

UH OH will be available only in the United States, so if you're planning to buy a HTC One M9 in another part of the world, make sure you either get a sturdy case, or some handset insurance.

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Source: HTC

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