HTC's continually delayed 'Halfbeak' smartwatch gets shown off in pictures

It’s been more than two years since rumors of an HTC smartwatch started spilling online. After such a long while, and countless delays, new images seem to show a smartwatch that HTC may finally launch before the end of the year.

As can be seen from these leaked images, the HTC smartwatch, codenamed “Halfbeak”, looks to be a semi-classic device, with somewhat of a plain look. Like most other smartwatches these days, it features a rounded face, with a rumoured 360x360 resolution. The device features two buttons on its right side, a heartrate scanner on the back, alongside a port for charging and docking.

We don’t know any of the other internal specifications but there are a number of other important aspects worth looking at. For one thing, Halfbeak will be running Android Wear, unlike of a growing number of devices which are ditching Google’s platform.

Secondly, it’s worth pointing out the Under Armour branding on the back of the device. The two companies had long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch together, but HTC and UA eventually only put out a “healthbox”. However, it now looks like those original plans were only delayed, not cancelled.

Finally, we’re left asking whether this device will actually see the light of day. We’ve seen previous HTC smartwatch prototypes get the axe, and even the entire program was reportedly put on hold at some point.

As mentioned above, HTC was rumored to be planning a wearable launch this fall, but given that Android Wear 2.0 will only come out in 2017, we might still have a good long while to wait before we find out what HTC has been working on.

Source: Techtastic

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