Huawei set to finally release its foldable Mate X on November 15

Huawei first introduced its Mate X foldable smartphone at Mobile World Congress this year, and then the launch seemed to keep getting postponed. Now, it's finally coming, at least if you're in China. According to Engadget, it will be available on November 15 for ¥16,999, or around $2,400.

We were told in August that since the device was delayed so much, that it would launch with the Kirin 990. However, the report says that this model actually still comes with the HiSilicon Kirin 980, which is what it originally had when it was announced. The Kirin 990 model should be coming in March.

It's not clear what kind of cameras are in the Mate X that's being released. It was originally supposed to have similar cameras to the Mate 20 series, but we were told that those sensors would be upgraded with the improvements found in the P30 series. It's unclear if those improvements are in this model, or the one coming in March.

The other company that introduced a foldable smartphone at Mobile World Congress was Samsung, and the Galaxy Fold has also experienced a series of delays. As of the tail end of September though, the Samsung Galaxy Fold finally came to market.

The big difference between the two devices, at least in terms of design, is that Samsung's larger foldable screen is on the inside of the device, while the Mate X's display wraps around the outside. When it's folded, Samsung has a smaller screen that you can view, while the Mate X is full-size.

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