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IBM won't use XP update right away

Microsoft says that the code for its update to the Windows XP operating system is finally ready. But IBM's internal technology department disagrees.

Microsoft on Friday released Service Pack 2 (SP2) to PC manufacturers after a number of delays. That means it will be available to customers before the end of the month. But IBM last week told employees to hold off installing SP2 until Big Blue can fully test and customize it. IBM's technology department said the delay is "due to known application problems and incompatibility with IBM workstation applications."

Along with various bug fixes, SP2 adds a new "security center" that is intended to provide a beefed-up firewall as well as easy ways to tell whether a PC is updated and protected against viruses. In addition, SP2 adds a pop-up blocker in the Internet Explorer and updated support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. In the memo to employees, seen by CNET News.com, IBM's internal technology department stated that Windows XP SP2 will "change the behavior of (Web browser) Internet Explorer and cause some application incompatibilities." The memo also noted that some "high-profile, business-critical applications are also known to conflict with SP2."

News source: C|Net News.com

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