Intel 845G gives games players headaches?

Intel's page on problems with the 845G and games make somewhat alarming reading for people buying PCs. The page, which you can find here has a big list of games which have problems – or "issues" in computerspeak – with the 845 and its derivative. Some of these problems have patches and others do not. Pandora's Box, for example has a patch available to fix glitches, but others certainly do not.

Project IGI, Quake III Arena, Rollcage, The Sims, Small Soldiers, Sorry, Spec Ops 2: Green Berets, Spider Man The Movie, Starship Troopers, Thief, and others all have more or less serious problems with the 845G.

Some games listed on the Web site have problems which don't seem to be anything to do with elements of the 845G chipset, however. It's clear that if you're contemplating buying machines with the 845G you need to make doubly sure that the software and the hardware run together.

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