Intel and Microsoft are working on fixing a bug that reduces battery life in Windows 10

As Microsoft is getting closer to the finish line, the company is becoming increasingly vigilant about squashing any and all bugs they can find. To that end, the company has already released numerous hotfixes and security patches since last Thursday, when build 10240 hit RTM. A bug that is currently affecting the battery life of some laptops running Windows 10 is being worked on by Intel and Microsoft.

Intel confirmed the existence of the problem and stated:

Intel and Microsoft are working to optimize drivers for battery performance on Windows 10 across Intel platforms. While we are working on technical optimizations, we have seen very minor hits to battery life but even the upper end of what we have seen is below 10 percent. Do know that we expect battery life on Windows 10 systems to be nearly the same as on Windows 8.1 systems once the final Windows 10 drivers have been updated and released.

Microsoft isn't alone in ramping up optimizations as the launch of the highly anticipated OS draws closer. Several OEMs, such as HP, Dell and Acer, are readying their supply chain and distribution channels for shipping Windows 10 PCs; enterprise-oriented partners and accessory makers are also tuning their wares to better support the new OS.

Source: PCWorld

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