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Intel claims its new 14th Gen HX beats the very best AMD X3D mobile gaming CPU

Alongside the full reveal of its 14th Gen desktop lineup, Intel is also announcing its new 14th-gen mobile HX processors, as well as Core series 1 U series CPUs. The former are 55W high-performance variants while the latter is meant to be the 15W equivalents of the recently released Core Ultra parts, which are 28W units.

A major difference is that Core Ultra is Meteor Lake (15th Gen) while these are still are still Raptor Lake (14th Gen). So Intel calling out AMD's naming recently clearly makes no sense.

Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024

In case you haven't been following, Intel has ditched the "i" from the 15th Gen Meteor Lake chips though, it is expected that the next generation will bring it back again. The 15th Gen will also have NPU (Neural Processing Unit), the dedicated AI accelerator which means the 15W Core Series 1 U processors will also pack the NPUs, just like the Core Ultra SKUs did. On the other hand, the 14th Gen HX lacks NPUs as it belongs to the previous gen Raptor Lake design.

The images below show the platform features and highlights:

Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024
Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024

Just like in the case of desktops, these mobile CPUs from Intel were also leaked by Microsoft ahead of announcement when the Redmond updated its Windows 11 supported processors lists. So we knew that these chips were coming. In total, there are three Core 1U series parts and five HX SKUs.

The specifications of these can be viewed in the images below:

Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024
Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024

In terms of performance, Intel says the HX CPUs are designed for "Performance Gaming" and hence they will be going into top-end gaming laptops and similar devices. The company claims 60+ design wins.

Since we are talking about gaming, to show the flagship 14900HX's might, Intel has pitted the chip against the best mobile gaming CPU, the elusive Ryzen 9 7945HX3D. Intel says that its new 55W i9 is faster than the AMD X3D mobile part in most gaming situations. Intel is also promising excellent 1% lows too.

Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024
Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024

Intel also compared its 14900HX with the non-X3D AMD processor and the provided benchmarks show that Team Blue is confident of victory in this department too.

Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024
Intel mobile CPU unveil at CES 2024

In both gaming as well as in the all-around performance benchmarks, Intel thinks the 14900HX should easily outpace the AMD 7945HX in the majority of situations.

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