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Intel launches rest of the 14th Gen desktop lineup that Microsoft had leaked earlier

The Intel logo on a semiconductor

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, Intel is releasing several new desktop processors belonging to its 14th Gen Raptor Lake-S refresh lineup.

While Intel has already launched the unlocked K SKUs, namely the Core i9-14900K, the i7-14700K, and the i5-14600K. When we reviewed the i9 and the i5, we remarked that the chips were very power-hungry, despite these processors being pretty good in terms of overall performance. The i9, in particular, drew ~253W and the i5 came in at ~173W.

Now that the K series chips are out of the way, Intel today unveiled its non-K, locked processors. Although you won't be able to overclock these parts, you also won't have to worry all that much about the high power draw and the cooling requirements demanded by the unlocked SKUs. And the performance of these parts should not be too far off from what we had determined.

Intel CES 2024 desktop lineup

In total, there are 18 new SKUs with TDPs with between 35 watts and 65 watts. Keep in mind that TDP or thermal design power does not directly indicate the power consumption of the chip and is meant to denote the level of cooling that CPU. Hence, a 35W processor (a T-model) will have lower cooling requirements compared to a 65W one. As you can see in the image above, only the i9-14900 and the 14900F will come with the Intel Laminar RH1 stock cooler while the rest of them will feature the RM1.

Intel CES 2024 desktop lineup
Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch

You can view the full lineup and the specs as well as prices in the images below. Microsoft, curiously, had already published these SKUs pre-announcement on the Windows 11 supported CPU list, though, it for some reason missed adding the ones AMD had announced.

Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch
Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch
Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch

In terms of performance, Intel is promising good all-round performance as well as excellent gaming and productivity. We already know from our review that Intel isn't lying here since we have already established these chips do well when it comes to raw throughput; it's only the performance per watt metric that needs to improve next-gen.

Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch
Intel CES 2024 desktop non K lineup launch

In the performance charts provided by Intel above, the company has pitted the i9-14900 and the i7-14700 against the last-gen i9-13900 and the Ryzen 7900. In Content Creation and productivity, Intel claims flat-out victory over the AMD CPU in the measured scenarios while in Productivity, the company does not expect to win in every scenario, especially with the 14700.

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