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Intel confirms Prescott does dissipate 100W

WE HAD A CHAT with an Intel executive last week and we asked about Prescott and whether the reports that the forthcoming microprocessor dissipates 100 watts in its current revision. He said that Prescott does have high dissipation and that 100 watts was close to that number, while Intel is already working on a new core revision that could cut this dissipation.

We also saw a slide confirmsing 11 new instructions, an 800 MHz FSB mPGA478 package, 1MB of L2 cache, hyper threading enhancements, and that it used Netburst marchitecture. We also saw a picture of what appears to be the Prescott core. Aside from this, Intel is ready for announcement of this CPU in Q4 and a new revision of Canterwood and Springdale boards 1.5 will be ready then, while those currently available won't work because of voltage specification and requirements, as first revealed in the INQ.

Companies such as Astek or Corsair and others working on cooling solution could just not be happier to hear this. Perhaps we're geting close to an era where water-cooling won't be just for enthusiasts and possibly even might be a requirement.

News source: The Inq

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