Intel Drops Wireless LAN Support by Chipsets

Intel Corp., the world's largest maker of silicon chips for computers, has decided to abandon the plan to incorporate wireless LAN functionality into its i915- and i925X-series desktop chipsets. The move was said to be conditioned by low demand from OEMs for the technology. "Based on customer feedback and strong growth in external wireless access point deployments, we no longer plan to bring integrated wireless access points to our i925X/i915 platforms at this time," the company's spokesman Radoslaw Ceplin told X-bit labs on Monday.

In late 2003 Intel Corp. promised to bring wireless local area networks controller's logic into its chipsets code-named Grantsdale and Alderwood. A mainly advertised feature of this Wi-Fi technology was a potentially free Access Point that allowed a PC based on i915- or i925X-series chipsets to serve as a hub for Internet access to other computers equipped with WLAN cards.

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News source: Xbit Labs

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