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Intel's showing off its own version of a dual-screen notebook PC

You may know Intel as the company behind the silicon powering your PC but the company has, in recent years, taken a larger interest in the creation of all manner of hardware. In that vein, the company this week unveiled some prototypes for what it believes the future of computing on dual-screen devices will be like.

In a tour of its offices, the processor manufacturer showed journalists two versions of a foldable, dual-screen device. The first, it claimed, is a design that is already possible, and sports a normal tablet screen alongside an electronic paper display (EPD). Such a device would largely be used for note-taking. The EPD would also consume much less power than a 'proper' tablet screen, thus boasting better battery life.

Where Intel sees the PC industry moving toward in the future is a similar concept, albeit with both sides of the foldable display now sporting LED screens. The flexible form factor would allow for some neat tricks, like using one side as a virtual keyboard or enabling other specialised functions à la Apple's Touch Bar. Indeed, Asus' Project Precog concept is rather similar to Intel's own vision and Dell, too, is said to be working on something along those lines.

Needless to say, the concept closely mirrors what Microsoft's fabled Andromeda PC is supposed to be like. That device, however, is rumoured to be powered by an ARM processor and Tiger Rapids seems to be Intel's way of doing all it can to lead other PC makers away from the allure of its rival by offering an alternative realisation of that idea, but with Intel Inside.

Source and images: PC World via The Verge

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