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Interview with Electronic Arts VP Glenn Entis

Love them or hate them, it's hard to deny that Electronic Arts is one of the biggest players in the video games market today. With total revenues of 3 billion dollars last year, EA had the assets to make huge headlines with its acquisitions of popular sports licenses the possible takeover of rival Ubi Soft. Gamespy had a chat with EA vice president Glenn Entis about the company's present, future, and its plans for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Entis had this to say about the current generation of consoles on the market:

GameSpy: The generation that we're exiting now is the best I've seen since the NES.

Entis: It was a great generation. I'll give you this as my personal view -- I'd love to get your take on this, in terms of what really changed in gameplay. There was a C-change in terms of graphics and presentation, and we've seen a jump in terms of talent. Five years ago we had virtually nobody in the company who came from the film industry or had any kind of senior credits. Now virtually every team and certainly every studio has got significant talent from the film industry. So just in terms of talent and the quality of graphics, it's been huge.

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News source: GameSpy

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