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Interview with Eric Gunnerson, Program Manager: VS C#.NET

While covering TechEd 2003 for us (ActiveWin) last week, Chad Myers managed to sit down and interview Eric Gunnerson, a Program Manager in the Visual C# .NET group at Microsoft. In the interview, Eric discusses the future of C#, other languages, and more. He was also kind enough to entertain questions from community users such as RMD, eldoen, and more. Here is an excerpt:

ActiveWin.com: What's it like being on the C# language design team? What is a typical design meeting like?

Eric Gunnerson: I've moved off the design team as I've been less involved with the language. The bulk of my involvement came on the 2002 release.

Language design is a huge investment in time, since there are thousands of small details that you have to decide on, even if it's unlikely that any C# programmer will hit that case in a year's time. But it's also hugely rewarding, and working on a new language is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

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