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iOS 13.5 will make it easier to use your iPhone with a mask on

Today, Apple released its third iOS 13.4.5 beta, renaming it to iOS 13.5. It contains the new exposure notification API that can be used by public health companies in helping to trace people you've been in contact with that have COVID-19.

One other issue that people have had with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is that facial recognition doesn't work if you have a mask on. And unfortunately, modern iPhones don't have fingerprint sensors. If you try to train Face ID with a mask, it won't let you.

iOS 13.5 will make things a little bit easier. Rather than trying to recognize your face for a few seconds before asking you to input a PIN, your iPhone or iPad will see that you're wearing a mask and immediately ask for a PIN. This should ease frustrations, if only a little bit.

Unfortunately, Face ID still won't work, and being that this seems to be the solution that Apple is working on, that doesn't seem to be changing. iOS 13.5 should be out some time next month.

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