Israel bans iPad imports due to Wi-Fi

Importing the newly released iPad has been banned by Israeli authorities because of fears the Wi-Fi capability can broadcast at a higher power level and may interfere with other wireless connections. The U.S., unlike Europe and Israel, allows Wi-Fi devices to broadcast at higher power levels which prompted the ban. 

Since the new regulations were brought in 10 iPads have been confiscated according to Israeli customs officials on Thursday. The ban covers everyone entering the country, including tourists, and will continue until officials certify the device complies with local transmitter standards. 

No European nations with similar standards have imposed a ban on the iPad. The iPads will be held by customs authorities and a daily fee will be charged until the owners leave the country or pay to have the device shipped to the US. 

Israeli spokesperson Nati Schubert said, "We don't care where people buy their equipment ... But without regulation, you would have chaos". Schubert said he expects the international release of the iPad to resolve the import ban.

The ban could last over a month as the international release for the iPad has been delayed until the end of May. Pre-orders for the iPad begin on May 10 internationally. Apple is yet to publicly comment on the issue.

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