It won't do much, but you can download the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android

Earlier in the month, we reported that Nintendo would be launching its Switch Online app for iOS and Android to coincide with the release of Splatoon 2. As we are just a few days away from the release of the game, the app has started to appear on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. Unfortunately, that is where the excitement pretty much ends, as the app isn't functioning as intended and will most likely go live when the game is available.

If unfamiliar, the Nintendo Switch Online app will give users access to a wide variety of features but, for the time being, will offer an experience that caters to Splatoon 2. By using the app, players will gain access to SplatNet 2 that will allow them to invite friends to matches that are being played online.

Players will also have access to a chat system that can be used to communicate with a group while in the main lobby or talk to teammates during a match. SplatNet 2 will also give players quick access to statistics, check out what stages will be coming up in the rotation, and summon friends to the game using social media.

Although Nintendo eventually plans to charge for the service, the Switch Online app for iOS and Android will be free to use in the interim. The Switch Online service will officially launch in 2018.

Source: The Verge

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