James Bond only uses the best, so you might not see him using a Sony smartphone in "Spectre"

James Bond has always piloted luxurious vehicles, frequented the most exotic locations and has had access to some of the most outrageous gadgets. While Ian Flemming's character was a bit more muted in his novels, the James Bond in films has had the opportunity of wielding some of the most imaginable and unimaginable props to date.

With most big-budget films, there is always opportunity for various companies to capitalize and insert their product into a project. These covert adverts can be discrete, but others times are just as blatant as traditional commercials. Naturally, when it comes to a Bond film, there are plenty of brands that would like to associate their product with the lifestyle of James Bond.

Although we have seen Sony products in past Bond films, the latest film "Spectre" might be devoid of Sony smartphones. According to WikiLeaks, which has uncovered new emails from the Sony Pictures incident that occured late last year, both Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes refused Sony's offering of £12 million (roughly 18 million USD) to have Sony smartphones in the upcoming picture. Craig also refused a separate deal worth £3.3 million (roughly 5 million USD) to appear in advertisements for Sony's smartphones.

While this might simply have been about money, it was noted that Craig and Mendes thought that Bond would only use the best and that Sony's handsets were clearly not a representation of this fact. Further emails detailed that Samsung offered nearly triple Sony's amount to have its devices placed in the film. While details of a resolution have not been reported, we will no doubt be able to discover the outcome when the "Spectre" makes its way into theaters in November of 2015.

Source: WikiLeaks via The Verge | Image via MGM / Columbia

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