Jedi Outcast 1.04 Server problems and jobs at Raven

A number of people have reported issues with the new 1.04 dedicated servers for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast showing up as 1.03 in the server browsers after successful patching and updating.

The reason for this is likely that server admins are shutting down their servers, patching them to 1.04 and re-launching them before the server times out with the master

server. When the server starts up again, the master server sends its heartbeat to the game server, thinks it's still up from before and keeps it running as 1.03.

The best solution to this problem is to take down your server and leave it down for 10 minutes (5 is the timeout) after you patch it before launching it again. This allows the master server to clear the old server info from its cache, send a new heartbeat to the game server and re-list it as 1.04.

The other common issues that people are reporting relate to people not having the assets5.pk3 in their base directories and replacing their old executables with the new ones. You MUST install the 1.04 client patch BEFORE you install the dedicated server updates.

On a separate note, Raven is about to embark on a pretty large hiring spree. We've expanded into adjacent office space and are expanding our development staff from 60 people up to 73...three full teams.

As such, we're in need of a couple of Game Programmers (one for PC Stuff and one for Console Stuff) and a gaggle of Level Designers (with Quake III experience and other 3D Package Experience).

For art, modeling and animation we're pretty well covered, but it couldn't hurt to send in your stuff. We still have some "to be hireds" in the art department as well.

News source: Webdog

View: .plan update (Ken Hoekstra, Raven - Project Admin)

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