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Kim Dotcom claims he's going to 'turn this world upside down'

Kim Dotcom's fortunes have changed quite rapidly in recent months. After MegaUpload was shut down on January 19th, Dotcom became much more vocal in his views.

Dotcom was planning to launch an additional service called 'MegaBox', which was destined to be a music hosting site. While MegaUpload became popular because you could get anything on there for free, MegaBox was meant to be a legal distribution method.

The one thing Dotcom seems to be planning is to close his future service to the United States. Since the USA was responsible for the shutdown of MegaUpload, Dotcom has decided the suitable method of preventing a future shutdown is to ensure they can't access the service. This might work, and it might not. Demonoid deliberately tried to exclude the Ukraine to circumvent the law, but we know how that ended.

Kim Dotcom is a polarizing figure, for he really does seem to be larger-than-life. Not content with owning one of the leading names in file hosting, he found the time to be better than you at Call of Duty. He manages to what he does surprisingly well, and he comes across as very enthusiastic about his project for the future.

Kim's Twitter profile is full of rather interesting comments. He's vocal in his views, and he's all for fostering a development community to fuel the 'Mega' brand he's pushing. His most recent tweet reads as follows:

If he's planning to get API support out there at this point, he's definitely not doing things by halves. How he's going to turn the world upside down through some sites is unclear, but considering Julian Assange was able to shake up quite a few different politicians with Wikileaks it's possible he knows what he is doing.

Source: Torrent Freak

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