Latest OneDrive roadmap update lets you migrate local OneNote notebooks using KFM

Today, Microsoft published its monthly OneDrive roadmap roundup for the month of January 2020. As usual, there are a whole bunch of new features listed for the cloud storage service.

First of all, you'll be able to migrate a local OneNote notebook to OneDrive using Known Folder Move, also known as KFM. That way, even if your local notebook is in a folder like Documents, you'll be able to access it from any of your PCs.

There are a couple of new features that are exclusive to macOS. For one thing, OneDrive for macOS now supports conditional access for things like multi-factor authentication, location-based IP filtering, and Intune-managed device compliance. If you don't meet the conditional access requirements, you won't be able to sync your files. This feature is coming soon, and is currently in preview.

Single sign-on is another one that's coming soon and currently available in public preview on macOS. If you're signed into any Office app on macOS, you'll see your account on a dropdown when signing into OneDrive, rather than having to type your credentials again.

Microsoft says that it's standardized email notification templates for shared content notifications, as we start to get into the more minor features on the roadmap roundup.

In Outlook, you can reply to Office comments using actionable messages. This is meant to let you save time by using @-mentions and such. Finally, Microsoft is adding an option for "People with Existing Access" when sharing a link, adding to "Anyone", "People in my organization", and "Specific People".

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