Latest Windows 10 video is all about security and Windows Hello

As part of its '10 reasons to upgrade' series, Microsoft's latest ad is all about convincing you that Windows 10 is Microsoft's most secure OS to date.

Microsoft has been working non-stop on improving the stability and security of Windows, with a faster update cadence and the promise to fix any issues as soon as they arise. They have certainly stayed true to their word so far, with multiple patches and security fixes in the last week alone, demonstrating the tech giants' agility in fixing issues.

The video also goes over SmartScreen, Microsoft's built-in solution to protect users from accessing harmful sites, mirroring the function of browser extensions used by antivirus software.

Last of all is the star feature, Windows Hello. It's Microsoft's attempt to create an authentication platform for the future, with support for fingerprint, facial and even iris scanning, allowing authentication to not only be far more accurate than a password but also less cumbersome. This is certainly a useful feature and it looks like multiple devices are soon going to support it - Intel has already provided a list of devices that to do so already, while the upcoming Talkman and Cityman phones are also expected to feature an iris scanner.

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