Lenovo may want UI tweaks for its Windows Phone devices

In June, Microsoft announced its Windows Phone 8 hardware launch partners. They included Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei. One name that was not listed was Lenovo. However, according to a new rumor, the company seems to be interested in making and selling a Windows Phone 8 device.

The Chinese language website WPDang.com reports that Lenovo research and development team members have met with Microsoft to discuss the matter. One big hurdle is that Lenovo wants permission from Microsoft to make its own tweaks to the Windows Phone 8 user interface.

At the moment, the only Windows Phone hardware partner with that amount of leeway is Nokia, and it's clear that Microsoft has allowed Nokia to offer up designs that are much different than the norm for its Lumia line. The article doesn't reveal if Microsoft would allow Lenovo the same kind of freedom with its possible Windows Phone 8 device.

Of course, Lenovo is also the second biggest PC maker in the world and the company already has announced plans to launch some Windows 8-based products later this fall. That includes a Windows 8 10.1 inch touch screen tablet that was demoed in June during the Computex trade show.

Source: WPDang.com

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