LG may launch the G6 Plus and G6 Pro later this month, but it's not what you think

It was a few months ago that LG launched its latest handset, the G6, at Mobile World Congress 2017. While a lot of the specifications were top notch, its processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, was a bit disappointing. Now, it appears that the firm may release new models of its G6 handset, the G6 Pro and G6 Plus.

Sadly, it appears that the two new versions of the handset won't be offering much in the way of improvements. The LG G6 Plus will have 128GB of storage with wireless charging and will come in at around 900,000 Won or around $800 USD. The G6 Pro variant will offer 32GB storage and doesn't seem to have a clear position in regards to its specifications, according to the translated article. However, given the lack of information regarding processors for these derivative handsets, it may leave people wondering where exactly the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 could make an appearance in LG's lineup.

The LG G6 Pro and G6 Plus will be made available sometime at the end of the month in South Korea from various carriers. The handsets should make their way to other regions, but there currently isn't a set date of when these will arrive. Currently, the LG G6 can be purchased for $500 in the United States from T-Mobile. If you are looking for the unlocked variant, that can be had for $599 from various online retailers.

Source: etnews via The Android Soul | Image via LG

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