LG will show off foldable OLED display advances at CES

Foldable displays have been around for a while, but the technology hasn’t yet reached mass markets, despite its numerous potential applications. But LG wants to impress CES attendees this year, when it shows off its latest achievement in foldable screen technology.

Almost two years ago LG announced it had created what can be described as a roll-up OLED display, but the company never followed up on the prototype, until now. LG is announcing that those attending CES will get to see this piece of tech, alongside other advances it has made in the field. There’s not much known about the 18-inch foldable display, except that it uses OLED technology and it can be “rolled up like a newspaper”.

Alongside this display, those attending LG’s booth will be able to take a closer look at the company’s newest TV panels which feature UHD resolution, OLED technology and HDR functions. Also on display will be some TV design concepts including a ‘paper-thin’ design, and some wraparound 65-inch ‘extreme-curve’ OLED displays.

Unfortunately, while all of this might be some very impressive technology, it’ll probably be a few more years before it finally enters the consumer market at an affordable price point.

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