LG Windows 10 phone said to be headed for Verizon

Don't get too excited this is just a mock-up

After being an original launch partner back in the day, it looks like LG might soon be returning to the Windows phone platform after a long absence.

The news comes thanks to a phone product number spotted by the folks at MyLGPhones which seemingly points to a device running Microsoft’s OS. The product code is LGVW820, which might sound familiar to some of you.

And that’s because this isn’t new. We first reported on this mysterious device back in December when it first showed up in some AdDuplex log data. Back then, we concluded that this is most likely a low –end device, featuring a 4.7-inch screen with 480 x 854 resolution. And it’s also obvious by its product code that it should be headed for Verizon.

So why do we trust this? Because LG themselves hinted at the device launching this year, albeit that was several quarters ago. Back at the start of 2014, an LG device was spotted running a version of Windows Phone 8.

LG said they were indeed working with Microsoft on Threshold, meaning Windows 10 for phones, but that the device in question “isn’t a phone that we’re going to see released this year [2014]”. But now, with Windows 10 for phones in development and Microsoft looking for a fresh start to its mobile business it would make a lot more sense to see such a device released. Of course, what we all would like to see is perhaps a Windows version of LG's upcoming G Flex 2.

We’ll have to wait and see what LG decides to do and who’ll be Microsoft’s partners when the new Windows 10 for phones launches later this year.

Source: MyLGPhones

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