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Mac users now have a new way to find apps via Dockhunt

A screenshot of the dockhunt webite

macOS users now have a new platform where they can find the apps that other people are using across the globe. And no, it's not some list of the top 10 apps for macOS that you see every now and then. A company named Basedash has created a rather interesting app called Dockhunt.

As the name says, the app allows macOS users to share their Docks with other users on the internet. For the uninitiated, Dock is the place usually at the bottom of your Mac screen where you can keep icons for all the apps you need daily.

You can download the Dockhunt app to upload your own dock which will then appear on its website. However, if you are the one who can get their hands dirty with the command line, there is a CLI version of the app as well. But you need to have Node.js pre-installed on your machine.

At the time of writing this, there were more than 1,100 Dock submissions already made on the Dockhunt website. One thing to note is that Dockhunt only pulls apps that are pinned to your macOS Dock. It won't take unpinned apps, even if they are open on your device. So, if you want a particular app to appear on the website, you'll have to manually pin it by right-clicking the app icon > Options > Keep In Dock.

The developers of Dockhunt told TechCrunch that they are thinking of adding filters that will hide commonly used apps like Spotify, Google Chrome, and more. The goal here is to let people find more and more indie apps.

If you want to save some time, the Dockhunt website also displays a list of top 100 apps. These are basically the macOS apps docked by the most number of users on the website.

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