Meet'm, unofficial client for gay social network Grindr, no longer works on Windows phones

As users of Windows phones are well aware, the list of apps that haven't made it to the Windows Store over the years isn't exactly a short one. But third-party developers have often attempted to fill in those gaps in the platform's software by creating unofficial apps that replicate many of the originals' features for Windows phone owners - not always with the blessing of the official apps' creators.

One such app is Meet'm, developed by OABsoftware, which allowed Windows phone users to connect to the popular gay social networking, dating and hook-up app Grindr, which is available on iOS and Android devices.

However, as Windows developer @sayonical pointed out, Meet'm users are now being informed that the app no longer works on Windows phones. However, unlike many other apps that have been pulled from Windows handsets in recent months, this wasn't the developer's choice. A notification in the app explains:

Grindr introduced a new layer of security to their servers.

We did a lot of researching, but it is no longer possible for third party apps like Meet'm to connect to Grindr.

So though you can still read your old chats, you can no longer use this app to view the guys around you or to send or receive new chat messages.

Of course we also regret this very, very much. But we do hope you had a lot of fun with (or thanks to) Meet'm over the last couple of years.

The notification ends with a final statement which must surely have crossed the minds of many Windows phone owners lately, regardless of whether or not they used Meet'm before its demise: "By now the time has come to switch to an Apple or Android phone..."

According to IDC, Windows' share of the global smartphone market dropped to around 0.4% in 2016, providing little incentive for developers to bring their mobile apps to the platform.

Source: @sayonical

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