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Meta announces a new way for creators to earn money through Facebook videos

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Meta has introduced a new feature for creators to generate revenue on Facebook. Creators can now earn money through their Facebook videos that use licensed music. "Music Revenue Sharing" is a monetization feature using which creators can use licensed music from popular artists in their Facebook videos and earn a share of in-stream ad revenue.

The feature is powered by Rights Manager which is a video, audio and image-matching tool developed by Meta. The tool will help content owners protect their rights and manage their content across the platform.

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Videos that use licensed songs with Music Revenue Sharing will be eligible to be monetized. To earn money using this feature, creators must first be eligible for in-stream ads in their content and meet Meta's monetization eligibility standards.

The content must also satisfy Facebook's community standards and music guidelines. Videos must at least be 60 seconds long and there must be a visual component in the video so that the licensed music is not its primary purpose.

Meta says that the feature was made possible through partnerships across the music industry and that it's the first of its kind at this scale. The company says that the feature will benefit creators, partners, music rights holders, and fans.

Music Revenue Sharing will be rolling out today to all video creators across the globe. Videos that are eligible for in-stream ads will be monetized in the US initially and will expand gradually to the rest of the world.

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