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Microsoft denied it, but a new Xbox One console might be unveiled at E3

With E3 kicking off in June, there have been numerous rumors surrounding a possible launch of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. We’ve heard quite a few specs and supposed leaks on the PlayStation front, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was quick to mention that an “Xbox 1.5” doesn’t appeal to him, seemingly putting rumors to rest. Now, however, new revelations have once again stirred the pot and are hyping up fans of the console.

A NeoGaf user found two listings at the FCC and one at ANATEL, the equivalent agency in Brazil, that seem to point to a new wireless chip for the Xbox One. The chip is being tested and if all goes well Microsoft will get approval for it. According to these filings, the chip would have the same safety and instruction references as the one found in the original Xbox One, pointing towards a new but similar console. In other words, there’s speculation that this is indeed the so-called Xbox 1.5, a refreshed and upgraded version of the console.

The original Xbox One has the 1525 version of this chip

On top of that The Verge has also chimed in, claiming that undisclosed sources have revealed to them that Microsoft is indeed testing different Xbox prototypes, including ones that are Xbox Ones with upgraded internals.

The fact that Microsoft is testing new prototypes and consoles is by no means a surprise – a console takes years to develop so the company would be continuously iterating their designs. But there’s one final piece of the puzzle which makes this rumor so enticing: one of the listings for the FCC that was noted above, has an NDA attached to it that expires days after Microsoft’s E3 keynote.

This has led many to speculate that the company might be planning to unveil an upgraded version of the Xbox One at E3 in June. While this sounds exciting, especially considering all the new features also scheduled to show up on the Xbox, you should take this with a huge pile of salt. Keep in mind that so far, this is just circumstantial evidence, that’s actually going against what the company officially said.

Then again Microsoft may be looking to surprise its fans and audience with a big announcement like an upgraded Xbox One, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for new info until E3.

Source: NeoGaf, Verge

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