Microsoft preparing for Windows Phone 8 via hiring

Through a recent job posting (via WMPU), Microsoft is starting to hint that they’re about to begin work on Windows Phone 8 – despite “Mango” not being fully deployed to the public or retail, and word that WP7 “Tango” is still yet to come. The job description is asking for someone to join their Consumer Experience (ConX) team.

Want to be part of making Windows Phone 8 a reality? Want to work on a strategic and exciting product targeted at the next version of Windows? Then the Consumer eXperience (ConX) team is the place for you! The Windows Phone team is taking on a huge challenge stirring up the out of box experience for Windows Phone 8 and is committed to building/improving a compelling and dynamic high quality look and feel to our end user experience.

This promises to be a volatile world churning within the OS, Phone 8 as well as our AUT (Application Under Test) that we’ll ship in the Windows Marketplace! Our test team needs a few more key folks to compliment the talent already onboard. We are looking for experienced and intelligent engineers to join our team! Join us in our mission to bring the most compelling Windows Phone experience to customers to date!

The next version of Windows Phone (WP8) is currently codenamed “Apollo” and is rumoured for release sometime in the middle of 2012. It’s interesting to see here that Microsoft wants to take on a “huge challenge” by “stirring up” the out-of-box experience, of course with the end user in mind, but there's no real word or even hint whatsoever as to what this exactly means. 

It'll all be released and revealed in time to come, but before Apollo hits the market perhaps we should await the full deployment of Mango and then Tango to follow.

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