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Microsoft marketing WP8 as "part of world's largest ecosystem"

The adoption of Microsoft's latest entrance in to the mobile segment has been a slow but Microsoft is putting its muscle behind development and the platform is gaining momentum. While the platform continues to gain praise and deliver new features, the penetration of the market has been slower than most would have expected. Putting that aside, Microsoft is charging ahead with Windows Phone 8 and while we have learned a little bit about the platform previously, it looks like Microsoft is going to be using its brand image to help push Windows Phone 8.

In the slide you see above, while nothing new is shown, we do see Microsoft starting to put a dash of spin on to its marketing efforts by saying that Windows Phone 8 is part of the world's largest ecosystem. A clever choice of words as Windows 8, which has not been released the public, is the base of Windows Phone 8. Clearly they are referring to the name "Windows" in the Windows Phone name but beyond that tie and the corporate backing, the Windows ecosystem that Windows 8 is built on is not exactly the largest in the industry. 

When Windows 8 does ship, there is a good possibility that it will surpass iOS and Android in units sold, but it will take some time for this to happen. Considering that Microsoft has sold over 630 million copies of Windows 7, Windows 8 will surely sell somewhere close to that in its lifecycle. 

The slide above was presented at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference and is targeting enterprise individuals. The company is putting its corporate portfolio behind the Windows Phone marketing and while the phrase is interesting, we certainly see others do this, so Microsoft is not alone

Source: Paul Laberge

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