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Microsoft might launch a traditional Surface-branded smartphone

A concept of a slab-like smartphone from Microsoft

Microsoft decided to ditch its dual-screen smartphone idea after two not-so-successful tries. Now the company is looking into the foldable segment, wanting to offer customers its own vision of a productivity-focused Android smartphone with a foldable display. However, a Surface smartphone with a bendable screen is not everything Microsoft has in store. The company is considering expanding its smartphone lineup with more devices featuring traditional form factors.

A report published by Windows Central claims (citing sources within the company) that Microsoft has already prototyped several Surface slab-like smartphones. The software giant could aim those at the mainstream segment, leaving its foldable Surface to enthusiasts with deeper pockets. Jonas Daehnert's concept from late 2020 provides a glimpse of what a traditional Surface phone could look like.

In addition to releasing a "regular" Surface smartphone with Android inside, Microsoft wants to tighten ties between Windows and Google's mobile OS. The company is working on the "Perfect Together" project to create a better "ecosystem" between two operating systems and deliver an iPhone-like experience with its numerous integrations into macOS. It is pretty interesting to hear such stories considering that the Phone Link app works best only with Samsung devices, not even Microsoft's Surface Duo.

Microsoft tried storming the smartphone market many times to various degrees of success (RIP beloved Windows Phone), and it knows how hard it is to compete with well-established players. For that reason, Microsoft is cooking its "Perfect Together" project to differentiate Surface smartphones from competitors.

Although these reports likely sadden Surface Duo's puny fanbase, it is great to see Microsoft not giving up on making smartphones and exploring alternative ideas.

What do you think about the idea of Microsoft making a regular Android smartphone under the Surface brand? Let us know in the comments.

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