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According to Windows Phone UK on Twitter, "Trekkies" should celebrate Star Wars Day

Today has been named as Star Wars Day for quite a few years now, as May 4th could be used to say, "May the Force (Fourth) be with you). Microsoft's UK division decided to post a message on the their Windows Phone Twitter account to celebrate the occasion, but apparently the person in charge has his sci-fi franchises slightly confused.

The post says that "Windows Phone Trekkies" should celebrate today, As nearly every good sci-fi follower knows, "Trekkies" is a term for fans of Star Trek, not Star Wars.

Some Twitter users are already taking the Windows Phone UK account to task for this geek faux pas:

​At the time of this writing, Microsoft's UK office has yet to correct this error. Hopefully, someone over there will fix this issue and restore balance to the Force.

Update: The post has finally been deleted but it did post a message that said, "You didn't miss our typo, Twitter! *blushes*."

Thanks to Neowin editor Andy Weir for spotting this!

Source: Windows Phone UK on Twitter

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