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Microsoft officially announces Xbox Live for iOS and Android

Back in February, it was rumored that Microsoft will be opening up Xbox Live to third-party games on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. Today, the firm announced the service for iOS and Android, and there's no mention of the Switch. In fact, the GDC session listing that last month's story was based on doesn't mention the console anymore either.

Previously, Xbox Live was limited to Microsoft's first-party games on iOS and Android, such as Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Now, third-party developers will be able to use it in their games. This should also provide a boost to Microsoft's Xbox Live usage numbers, which is one of the few specifics provided in the company's earnings report.

Of course, this isn't just about boosting numbers. This is about repositioning Xbox to be a cross-platform service. Microsoft has already announced Project xCloud, its game-streaming service which will allow you to play Xbox games from any device, and that should include your mobile phone.

It will be even more interesting if Xbox Live comes to Nintendo's gaming platform, and there have been rumors of Microsoft porting Xbox Game Pass to the Switch as well. Microsoft will have more to share about all of this at this year's gaming conferences like GDC and E3.

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