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Microsoft Outlook mobile users will get a new email forwarding feature and more next month

Now that the holidays are over, Microsoft has started working on making its apps and services better. After announcing new "busy options" in Teams, the company has made a promise to include as many as three new useful features to Outlook mobile clients next month.

Outlook logo on a black and red background

Microsoft will add two new features to Outlook for Android and one for iOS users in February this year. For Android users, Outlook will finally bring the opportunity to send emails as attachments to another email while composing. It means you will no longer have to go through the hassle of forwarding several emails individually; you can send them all at once as attachments. This email forwarding capability is currently available for Outlook desktop and web clients.

Another change coming to Outlook for Android next month is an improvement to storage over limit messaging and options. What it means is that Outlook will now show "clearer messaging and cleanup options when you run out of email storage." This is a minor change and is designed to better the ease of access of the Outlook app on Android.

iOS users, on the other hand, will get more customization options in Outlook next month. The Outlook iOS client will provide these options to users to let them choose which actions will appear in compose toolbar and drawer, making the tools you use the most easily accessible while composing an email.

Outlook new customizable toolbar

Outlook send email as attachment

Outlook custimzable toolbar

Besides the above upcoming changes, Microsoft is also working on a nifty integration between Outlook and Teams, expected to be available in March. As always, general availability dates are subject to change, which means Microsoft could delay these changes to later months if things do not go as planned.

Source: Microsoft

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