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Microsoft reflects on a busy period of product launches

Without a doubt, the past couple of months have been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, periods in Microsoft's history. For some companies, just launching a new PC operating system, Windows 8, would be enough. But Microsoft also launched its own Surface tablet, with Windows RT inside, at the same time. It also took the time to launch Windows Phone 8. It released perhaps its biggest first party Xbox 360 game of all time in Halo 4. It held its second annual Build 2012 developer conference.

And that's not even counting smaller product launches like Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and more. Oh, and let's not forget the opening of a number of new permanent Microsoft Store locations and over 30 temporary holiday stores.

In a new post on the official Microsoft corporate blog, its manager Jeff Meisner takes some time to look back at all of this activity and salutes those in the company that made it happen. He states:

Each of these launches marks a big milestone for our engineering teams and for our company, and naturally the launches have generated a lot of press and reviews from tech pubs and other pundits. But just as with elections, these launches aren’t an end, but a beginning, as our new products and services get in the hands of our customers. We hope that as this happens, customers will see a consistent and thoughtful attention to great design, consistent quality and a variety of options that are as unique as the people and businesses using our products. And, just as important, you’ll see how the individual devices and services we’ve developed with our industry partners come together to create great experiences for you at home and at work.

As we mentioned in a new editorial today, 2012 may have been very busy for Microsoft but we think that 2013 has the potential to be even bigger for the company with several announced and unannounced product launches in the works.

Source: Official Microsoft blog | Image via Microsoft

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