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Microsoft shows Windows 11 with floating taskbar and notification area on top

The Windows 11 logo with the stock wallpaper on the background

A couple of months ago, users noticed a weird bug causing the taskbar to "detach" from the bottom of the screen and "float" with rounded corners. Microsoft quickly confirmed that what seemed to be a redesigned taskbar was just a disappointing bug. Still, it looks like there is still some hope to get Windows 11 with a floating taskbar.

A strange screenshot showing a floating taskbar with parts sitting at the top of the screen

During the annual Ignite conference, Microsoft showed a weird-looking (some even say it is cursed) screenshot of Windows 11 with a radical shell redesign. The taskbar is once again "floating" with rounded corners, and all the indicators from the notification area appear at the top of the screen instead of the bottom-right corner. You can also spot a search bar and a weather widget sitting at the top, leaving a ton of black space to the left and right of the taskbar.

It is hard to tell why Microsoft would create such a strange-looking user interface. It might be a teaser of the upcoming changes or just one of the many UI prototypes floating inside Microsoft's labs. Still, it is hard to imagine Microsoft bringing such radical UI changes, especially considering how much criticism the company has received after releasing Windows 11 with its crippled taskbar and redesigned Start menu. Turning Windows 11 into a Ubuntu-looking clone might spark even bigger rage among the audience.

What do you think about this concept image? Do you think it is a good idea to decouple the notification area, search, and Windows Widgets from the taskbar and move them to the top of the screen? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Via: FireCube (Twitter), Albacore (Twitter)

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