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Microsoft talks about the new Maps app for Windows 10 for phones

The new Maps application is both fresh and familiar.

If you have installed the latest build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, you probably noticed the introduction of several new apps. The Maps app in particular was highlighted in a recent Microsoft blog post, with the app adding voice navigation and richer search data to simplify the process of discovering new places and getting you there.

Unlike the current stock apps on Windows 8.1 and Windows for phones, the new app is based on the Universal app platform. This means that a user will have a consistent experience across Windows 10 regardless of the device's form factor. The app is made with both touch users and mouse/keyboard users in mind, and a user can use touch gestures such as pinch, rotate, and tap to zoom and navigate along in a manner that feels natural.

Using the new search experience a user could quickly use search categories to narrow their search results. The app pulls data from Bing and Yelp to deliver relevant pictures, reviews, and contact information for whatever location a user is after and, if the user is looking at specific locations like a restaurant, a user could even book reservations instantly in-app. From the map view a user can select different categories like "eat," "drink," and "shop," and see where those places are in proximity to the user's current location. One of the better features is that a user's search history, favorites, and settings will follow them around to any device they're signed into, courtesy of the Microsoft cloud.

In addition to the above, the new app adds voice navigation to the mix. Included are familiar HERE Drive features such as speed limit warnings for the lead-footed and day/nights modes for late night cruising. Some other features like "Find My Car" aren't present in the new app, but there is still time to leave feedback if this is something you want to see.

Finally, the PC app has gotten a refresh and now includes over 190 3D cities. Streetside Panoramas also makes its debut, allowing a user to scope out attractions and hotels in a manner similar to Google Maps. You may recognize some of these features from the Maps Preview app for Windows 8.1, which Microsoft released at the end of 2013.

Though we wouldn't advise using it as your primary voice navigation app just yet, it's definitely worth a try if you are running the latest Windows 10 TP. You can check out all the details on the Microsoft Blog link below.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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