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Just before the official launch of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet in late October, Microsoft also revamped its official website. That also included a redesign for, which was made to be the company's showcase for Windows 8 software and hardware. In a new blog post, Microsoft gives some more information on how it came up with the new website.

The blog post, written by Ulrike Irmler, said that Microsoft knew that the new site would take a lot of work from a number of people and groups to complete. Ultimately, the team decided to break up into four main sections: Meet Windows, Download & Shop, How-to, and Support. She adds that the company also did a lot of editing, as Microsoft " .... significantly reduced the number of pages and ruthlessly archived outdated content."

Irmler states:

When you visit the site for the first time, the first thing you’ll notice is the new design—it’s immersive, touch-friendly, and easy to navigate. It doesn’t overwhelm with information, and it reflects our approach to helping and communicating with our customers—to be human, open, and informative. Bold and lively images put people at the center of the experience.

The site also has a redesigned page filled with desktop themes, including the new panoramic themes that are supported in Windows 8 and Windows RT. The all important Support page was created with a "no-frills" design made for users to get their support answers quickly. Microsoft launched the new site for 62 international markets in 35 different languages.

Source: Windows blog post | Image via Microsoft

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