Microsoft to release 'Cortana development platform', give devs a helping hand

Microsoft is in China this week where they are talking all about Windows 10 at WinHEC. Everything from Windows 10 upgrade paths to giving free copies of the OS to those who pirated previous versions of Windows has been discussed and now we are learning a bit more about Cortana.

In a session at WinHEC, Microsoft detailed how they are going to make it easier for developers to integrate Cortana into their apps. With the digital assistant coming to the desktop, and every one fully expecting the OS to be a huge hit since it is a free upgrade for the first year, the user-base of Cortana is going to grow exponentially this summer. Because of this, building support for Cortana into an app is a strategic play for developers, to make sure their apps makes use of all the functionality the new OS has to offers.

As you can see in the slide above, Microsoft is going to release 'Cortana development platform' tools that will help developers utilize Cortana in their app across all of the company's platforms.

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Microsoft will be releasing development tools for Cortana. The digital assistant has become the darling of the Windows world and the company wants every developer to build for the platform.

If you want to learn more about these tools and what you can expect, hit the source link below as the slide deck goes over the entire speech platform in Windows 10.

The goal is quite obvious for Microsoft: they want Cortana to be the 'killer' feature for Windows that will help separate this OS not only from Apple's OS X but also Windows 8 and 7. By making it easier for developers to integrate this feature into their products, they'll, hopefully, build out the ecosystem for Cortana and make it a more useful assistant in the OS.

Source: Microsoft

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