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Microsoft UK cuts 40% off Surface 3 Docking Station, in two-month 'limited time offer'

Microsoft often seems to avoid permanent price cuts on its hardware wherever possible, instead favoring promotional discounts on most of its devices every few weeks - but sometimes, these deals last a lot longer. In the UK earlier this year, this resulted in the slightly absurd spectacle of Microsoft launching a 'special offer' lasting over five months, reducing the price of its Lumia 640 XL by 27%.

Just this week, Microsoft UK cut the price of its Band 2 wearable device by 25% in a further 'special offer' scheduled to end in more than two months. And in yet another example, the company has now slashed the price of its Surface 3 Docking Station in a new 'limited time offer' that will also continue for two months.

The Surface 3 Docking Station features a gigabit Ethernet port, Mini DisplayPort video output (supporting resolution up to 3840x2600px), two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. Designed specifically for the Surface 3, Microsoft says that once you slot the tablet in, it will become a "full desktop PC [with] all the ports you need, so you can attach a monitor, keyboard, printer and more".

The Docking Station is usually priced at £164.99 in the UK - the same price as the newer, more compact Surface Dock, designed for the Surface Book, Pro 3 and Pro 4, but not the Surface 3.

The latest offer - which will end nine weeks from now on June 30 - slashes £66 (40%) off the price of the Surface 3 Docking Station, bringing it down to £98.99.

That generous discount isn't Microsoft's biggest reduction on the Surface 3 Docking Station so far, though - back in December, it cut £75 (around 45%) off the accessory as part of a festive promotion.

Source: Microsoft Store

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