Microsoft UK kicks off IE9 beta with Gorillaz

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 9 beta in London this evening with a special endorsement from the Gorillaz.

Neowin previously unveiled that the software giant and the virtual animated band were pairing up, earlier this week. The band appeared tonight in a promotional video to add its backing to Internet Explorer 9 beta. Working with the Gorillaz' design team, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Microsoft assisted the Gorillaz to create a unique online experience for fans. The site has taken full advantage of HTML5 and the new features in IE9. 

Gorillaz issued a statement regarding the partnership:

"Of course those clever bods at Microsoft came to us Gorillaz first with their new Internet Explorer 9 Beta technology. And it works like magic - our website now pushes past the boundaries for visual speed and our fans will be able to interact with us better than ever before. through Internet Explorer 9 Beta - it’s like a Wizard’s Portal!”

You can see the promotional video at the Gorillaz site.

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