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Microsoft unveils performance enhancement for Power BI Multi Geo capacities

Last week, Microsoft made the On-premises data gateway March update available for Power BI users. Not long before that, the firm rolled out an overhauled search experience for its data analytics service, making it more user-friendly.

Today, a specific performance enhancement for Power BI Multi Geo capacities has been unveiled by Microsoft. For those who are unaware, Multi Geo capacities are essentially Premium capacities that have been configured in remote locations instead of being limited to a tenant's home region.

Before this update, users who needed to view remotely-hosted Power BI reports had to establish a multi-phase connection. This consisted of connection establishment with both their home region and the other region in question. As one would expect, this overhead became all the more apparent with Premium capacities that were hosted in remote regions, located far away from the home region.

Now, this capability has been significantly altered, allowing for users to connect simply to the remote region. This means that if, for example, a user is viewing a report on their browser, they will need to establish a connection with the remote capacity where it is located, but not with their home region. As such, report loading times are reduced, introducing an experience with better performance.

Notably, this change has been rolled out to all browsers, regardless of users' regions. However, it remains to be added to the Power BI Mobile and the Embedded experience, both of which leverage Multi Geo support. Microsoft states that support for the aforementioned will be arriving in the coming weeks.

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