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Microsoft updates the Surface Duo emulator with app samples like TwoNote

Surface Duo Samples app on Surface Duo emulator

Today, Microsoft announced its newest update for the Surface Duo emulator, and it's all about new sample apps. This way, the company can provide some experiences for you to play with, letting you get a better idea of what you can do with the app that you want to build.

One of them is just called Surface Duo Samples, and it's just a bunch of open source Kotlin samples for the Duo. It includes samples like drag and drop, dual view, hinge angle, list detail, pen events, two page, companion pane, extended canvas, multiple instance, and more.

TwoNote, a dual screen note-taking app on Surface Duo emulator

Another one is called TwoNote, a dual-screen note-taking app that supports things like pen events, drag and drop, and more. You can learn more about the app here, as it's actually been around for a while.

There's an app that's simply called Widget, and you can probably guess what that does. It "provides a complete widget implementation", and in this case, it's an RSS feed that can show a blog on your home screen.

Photo editor app on Microsoft Surface Duo emulator

Next up is a Photo Editor app, which is obviously no Photoshop, but it's meant to show the companion pane UX pattern and also use drag and drop. You can learn more about it here, because once again, this app has been around for a while, as has Source Editor, which actually lets you edit source code on one screen and preview the result on the other.

The new Surface Duo emulator is out now, and you can learn more about it here.

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